Featured Dancers this Month: A Legacy

Special feature this month: our Legacy Dancers:

‘Keeping it in the family’

It is a true treasure when you find your passion, and it is magnificent when you can share it with the next generation. As a studio, we have been blessed to see many dancers as young children, grow into beautiful, talented, adult dancers.

Many of our dancers even return to be in our alumni performance pieces or even take adult classes, once again.

This year we have been honored and so blessed to have a legacy on our hand: not one, but TWO separate families have returned with multiple generations of dancers who have danced with Miss Marylee at Dance Gallery!

We are featuring these dancers this month, because they danced at such a young age-many years ago, with Miss Marylee themselves, and have now returned as adults with small children of their own… who wish to continue the spirit and love of dance with Miss Marylee, Dance Gallery and our loving staff of teachers!

Thank you to these wonderful women and lovely families for sharing your love of dance with our studio and with your own beautiful children as well!