4 Tips for a Successful Dance Recital

Want your kiddo to be amazing in the studio Dance Recital?

Are you getting excited about your child’s upcoming spring dance recital? Are you wondering what you should be doing to prepare for the big day? When you set your child up for success by being prepared, you will be able to enjoy the memories and your child will be set up for a stress-free and enjoyable recital. This may be your first EVER dance recital, or your dancer may be a seasoned performer. Either way, being prepared is a must!

As a dance studio in Chicago, we have many dance performance opportunities that showcase the skills and the knowledge of our dancers each year. We have even performed in Disney World on the Magical Main Stage! These tips should help parents stay involved in the progress of their children, and it gives dancers a chance to show everyone their talents. There are a few preparation tips for having a successful dance recital.

Talk to the Dance Teacher

Staying in contact with your child’s dance teacher is important in the weeks leading up the dance recital.  By asking questions, you will stay in touch with them and learn about any updates as they happen.  Your dance teacher will inform you of any necessary changes: costume concerns, hair tips, practice techniques, etc.  and remember show packets were sent home with each dancer. All info is posted Here on our studio website, as well! 

Read Any Newsletters or Emails

Most dance studios have email chains to keep parents informed of any studio information.  Not only can you subscribe to our awesome Dance Gallery Chicago studio email newsletter, but you get a dancer-pack freebie when you first sign up! Join the fun for your star dancer! Be sure to pay attention to these emails and any newsletters we send home, so that you learn of any updates, schedule changes, and routines that you need to be aware of before the recital. Rehearsal dates and exact times for each class is scheduled in the show packet and also posted on our website Here. 

Take Care of Your Costumes

You will likely have multiple costumes for your dancer(s). We distributed these in the late winter to each student. Time to get them out now and fluff them up!  Be sure to keep proper care of your costumes to keep them in optimal shape. Some costumes may also require you steam, hang, adjust (sew), or add your prop or accessory. Please discuss ahead of time with your dancer’s teacher if you are unsure. Learn about how to take proper care of your costumes so they are ready on the day of the dance rehearsal & REMEMBER TO LABEL DANCER’S NAME on each costume, shoe, hat, bag, item, etc. This year due to Covid regulations, please also remember to bring your labeled plastic zip bag that will safely hold your mask while your dancer is performing. 

Encourage Practice

Encourage your dancer to stay in good shape and learn the ins and outs of the routine so that they become more comfortable and prepared for the recital day.  Practice at home. We encourage you to video one or many of the class rehearsals to study the choreography, spacing, formations and musicality at home. To quell their nerves, encourage them to practice, ask questions about the routine, and provide them with motivation and encouragement. They will likely be more excited when you show them how important it is to be dedicated and to enjoy what they are doing.


These are just a few of the tips to follow to ensure that your little dancer’s recital goes well.  When you are more prepared and aware of the preparation needed for the recital, you will take measures to ensure that the recital day will go as planned. Dance Gallery Chicago is always working to foster the artistry and passion of performance, as well as providing the proper dance training to ensure your dancer is at their best! Thank you for being part of our Recital this year; we cannot wait to see you all performing and dazzling on the stage!

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Sat. June 5, 2021 is Filming Day for all Dancers