Beverly Artist: Barbara Majeski

All of our Original Art work proudly displayed at Dance Gallery was created by the talented Barbara Majeski. Not only is Majeski a local Beverly artist, but also proud mother of our own Dance Gallery Owner: Marylee Sinopoli. Creativity truly runs in the family!

Majeski’s successful career as an artist, an entrepreneur and designer began at a very young age. She studied at the Art Institute of Chicago, as well as self taught her creativity; and personally sought artistic-growth. “As a child I was always drawing, I would be up in the attic of my parents’ home, painting and creating.” Barbara said. “… I couldn’t afford to buy original artwork, so i started painting my own. People started asking me, ‘Barb, why aren’t you exhibiting?’ “.

She began painting in earnest, eventually selling her abstract paining stop corporations and design houses, working the art fair circuit and exhibiting at galleries around the country, including Santa Fe, NM, Naugatuck, Mich, and even Downtown Chicago! she later moved into sculpture work and figurative paining. According to Barbara, she and her husband collaborated on much of their work.

Barbara’s husband: Conrad Majeski, also a creative, made all of the frames for Barbara’s paintings, as well as contributing as a wonderful mentor and her support.

The couple experiments with creating different design elements including painting chairs, stools and tables, as well. “We scout the thrift stores to find recycled pieces… each piece is a one-of-a-kind, functional work of art.” Barbara said.

Barbara’s paintings and original pieces of art are exhibited at Dance Gallery. Barbara says that her heart dictates the art that she creates. Most of the beautiful pieces displayed at Dance Gallery Chicago show represent a dancer theme. She stated that “she will always be into the arts..”

Moreover, creating original artwork to be displayed proudly at her own daughter’s successful dance studio was “an act of love“.

Dance Gallery proudly shares Barbara Majeski’s art pieces. Come and tour our studio to see the beautiful art in person, as well as our beautiful ‘art-in-motion’ dancers. Our state-of-the-art facility houses hundreds of Majeski’s gorgeous original pieces for our dancers, families and community to enjoy and inspire creativity for all!