*Meet our Featured Dancer*

Congratulations to Riley!

Riley is our featured dancer this month! She is 15 and proudly takes many classes at Dance Gallery all week long. Our teen dancer currently attends: tap, modern and lyrical classes, as well as assists with the 2-year-old creative movement class every week. She has been dancing with us for almost 14 years!! Riley is probably one of our most life-long Dance Gallery Dancers!


Why she loves to dance:

“When I dance, I get this feeling like I am doing something right and everything makes sense. I am my happiest when I dance, but I am even happier when I can make others smile through dance!” -Riley

“I love caring for those around me… I try to help people in any way that I can offer… I love making people smile and opening myself up in ways that don’t necessarily require words.”- Riley

We can all see that dance makes her so happy! We love seeing her in our studio every week!

What do you love about Dance Gallery Studio:

“I love the teachers and how they have always pushed me to be my best and try new things outside of my comfort zone. Everything they have taught me has stuck with me throughout the years. I cant thank them enough for what they do” -Riley

What are Your Favorite Classes:

“My favorite class is (assisting) with the 2-year olds: I love seeing their little faces every Saturday and I know that I can put a smile on their faces just like they put on mine.”


What is Something an Instructor at Dance Gallery says to you that speaks to you, as a dancer:

“Point your feet, or I will get you a frog costume” 😉

Some of your Personal Goals as a Dancer:

“Sometimes I get too wrapped up in trying to be the best, or make sure the step is perfect… I go home and I dance and all of the ‘what-if’s’ out, and the negative thoughts melt away, because dancing makes me happy. Throughout everything that has happened to me in my life, I’ve always had dance.”

“My family encourages me every year and through everything. Having their support means the world to me.”

What Inspires you the Most:

“My Sister has always inspired me and I have always looked up to her. We danced together for years and I actually didn’t like being in the same class, since it felt like pressure to do a good job because she was there. At the time it was awful, but I am thankful for it because it made me work harder. “


What would be your Performance ‘Dream Role’:

My dream role would be Mary Poppins!

Riley was featured this month because of her performance talents, dedication, helpful attitude, and artistry for dance.

Favorite Quote:

“If you love something, NEVER let it go.”


Congratulations for being chosen as our featured dancer! We see your hard work and recognize your talent. Miss Marylee and the staff and community of Dance Gallery could not be more proud!

What a treasure to have these memories, and a treasure to the studio to see you featured this month!

Thank you for your participation and wonderful, loving, commitment to Dance Gallery Chicago!

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