*Meet our Featured Dancer*

Congratulations to Ayanna!

Ayanna is our featured dancer this month! She is 13 and proudly takes many classes at Dance Gallery all week long. Our teen dancer currently takes: ballet, tap, jazz and beginner pointe classes. She has been dancing with us for a decade, already!!


Why she loves to dance:

“I love dancing because It gives me a way to express myself”

“Around Dance Gallery, people know me for being funny and hardworking.” – Ayanna

We can all see that dance makes Ayanna so happy! We love seeing her in our studio, just about every day!

What do you love about Dance Gallery Studio:

“I love the community and how everyone is super nice!”

What are Your Favorite Classes:

“My favorite class is tap, because the moves are so fun to do!”

Some of your Personal Goals as a Dancer:

“A goal of mine is to become more flexible this year, and to work on the arches of my feet, I will work on the exercises at home that Miss Marylee shows us to do with our feet!”

“I stay inspired through my love of learning new things with dancing and also the different variations of dance”

Ayanna was featured this month because of her dedication and attitude, her personal growth, as well as her technique and artistry for dance.

What do you love about performing:

“Being in full costume and makeup because I therefore really feel the character… but what inspires me the most is the passion to achieve new skills, because there is always something I can work on… my dream would probably to be in a movie! I have seen a professional dance show done by Alvin Ailey, and I felt that I was onstage with the dancers.

Favorite Quote:

“The only way to get better is to practice!” &

“Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee”

Congratulations for being chosen as our featured dancer! We see your hard work and recognize your talent. Miss Marylee and the staff and community of Dance Gallery could not be more proud!

What a treasure to have these memories, and a treasure to the studio to see you featured this month!

Thank you for your participation and wonderful, loving, commitment to Dance Gallery Chicago!

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