*Meet our Featured Dancer*

SISTERS! Congratulations to both Livia and Josephine!

These fabulous dancing sisters are new to Dance Gallery Chicago, yet have dazzled everyone with their skills and spirit!

They have only been with our our studio for 5 short months, but have learned and flourished here at Dance Gallery Chicago!

They currently take Miss Kelly’s Tiny Tap class, you can find them here working hard

and showing off that fun sass & style every Saturday!

They will Happily perform in our Virtual Spring Showcase in the Tiny Tap “Dancing in September” Trolls Music Piece, in June. They are both known for their right-on-rhythm and performance skills. They just never stop smiling!

Why They love to dance:

“I love to dance because it is so fun!”-Livy

“It makes me feel awesome!”-Josephine

What do you love about Dance Gallery Studio:

 “I love that the teachers are so nice!”-Livy

“I love dancing and having fun!”-Josephine

What are Your Favorite Classes:

“Tap! We love the music and the dance moves!”


Some of your Personal Goals as a Dancer:

Next, we would like to take Ballet and Hip Hop classes also!

We will also keep practicing!

What Inspires you the Most:

We like to watch videos and listen to music.

& When our teacher Miss Kelly says:” You’re great dancers, and You’re my stars!”

We are also inspired by professional ballet dancers and the teachers at our studio.

What would be your Performance ‘Dream Role’:

Livy: “To be in a Musical!”

Josephine: “To have a hip-hop solo!”

We saw a professional dance show and felt like we needed to go dance!

They were both featured this month because of their passion, performance talents, dedication, growth, leadership and artistry for dance.

Favorite Quote:

Livy: “Girls can do anything!”

Josephine: “Always try your hardest!”

Congratulations for being chosen as our featured dancers! We see your hard work and recognize your talent. Miss Marylee and the staff and community of Dance Gallery could not be more proud!

What a treasure to have these memories, and a treasure to the studio to see you featured this month!

Thank you for your participation and wonderful, loving, commitment to Dance Gallery Chicago!