Doris Humphries

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Doris Humphries:

Senior Tap and Ballroom

Doris Humphries was born to dance. As a child, she would mimic the dancers she’d see in movies, by attaching bottle caps to the soles of her shoes to reproduce the “tap” sound. Then, she’d replicate their intricate steps and rhythms. 

Doris joined an acrobatic “rhythm skating” group called: The Musketeers, while auditioning for Berle Adams of the prestigious William Morris Agency. They even appeared in a major studio motion picture, featuring The Three Stooges. Doris also gained acclaim for their unprecedented fusion of Latin and soul rhythms.

Doris was previously awarded a grant from the city of Chicago to create a neighborhood outreach program: ‘The Closet Performers’ for theatre & dance.

Today, Doris continues to share her gift; teaching ballroom, Latin and Tap for Dance Gallery.  She has been inducted into the City of Chicago’s Senior Citizen Hall of Fame, and is listed on the African-American registry: ‘The History Makers’.