Dave Grzenia

David Grzenia:

Hip Hop

Dave started dancing in 2011. His first real dance lesson came from ‘Shaun T.’, his all time hero. He was in college for personal training and was told Shaun T. was coming to town for a dance/fitness certification. Without any hesitation, he threw all caution to the wind. After dancing with Shaun for a whole weekend, he was changed forever.

By his next semester in college, Dave was on the school’s dance team, while also training in many different styles of dance: Hip-Hop, Modern, Jazz, Poms, and Contemporary. During his second performance season, his team coach referred him to Dance Gallery. He met Marylee and the rest is history. Upon arrival at Dance Gallery, he was fortunate enough to help teach hip hop, as well as integrating into Jazz, Modern, Tap, and Ballet classes during his time here at Dance Gallery.

David is currently our kids’ division hip-hop instructor. David also performs with ‘3rd Dimension Performance Group’, founded by his personal mentor and fellow Dance Gallery Instructor: Ted Williams. Dave is hoping to pay it forward and spread the joy and talent of Dance Gallery. “Dance Gallery is all about taking a dancer and helping them grow.”