Meet our Featured Dancer

Dancer Spotlight: Meet Hannah!

Local Teen dancer: Hannah has been proudly dancing with Dance Gallery Chicago since the age of 5! She is also the oldest of three talented sisters in her family that all dance with Dance Gallery!

Hannah currently takes Jazz, Tap, Ballet and Pointe with our studio. Hannah is known for her spirit and her kind personality.

Hannah states, “I love the family I have made through all of my classes. Dancing brings me an amazing joy and lets everything else slip away…” 


Hannah discusses her favorite class at Dance Gallery Chicago:

My favorite class is Jazz because we always have a fun class with lots of energy.” Hannah feels that she will stay inspired throughout the year by ‘chasing the passionate love she has for dance‘.


Hannah’s dance goals this year are to work on her fouette turns & turns a la second. She loves the energy of performing, as well as working on building up her strength as a dancer. Hannah says she constantly feels inspired to dance.

Her favorite Quote:

Use your smile to change the world. Don’t let the world change your smile…

Beautiful words from this budding dancer! Hannah was chosen as our featured dancer this month for her tremendous growth as a student dancer, her hunger to learn, and her outgoing and positive personality! We see and appreciate your talents, Hannah!

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