Meet our Featured Dancer

Dancer Spotlight: Mia

Our young dancer, Mia has been dancing since the young age of 2!

Mia is the oldest sister in her family. She is usually found dancing beside her fun-loving sister, fellow dancer: Lola.

Mia currently attends jazz, ballet and tap classes with Dance Gallery.

Mia is known for being fun and kind, as well as her great sassy attitude while performing!

Mia states, I love dance because I get to learn new moves and look fancy!” 

Mia loves Dance Gallery Studio for the studio sizes, our paintings and all of our trophies displayed in the lobby!

Mia discusses her favorite classes & personal goals:

“Jazz is my favorite class because it challenges my moves and I get better at everything.”

“My goal this year is to work on my pique turns and my splits.”

“I will practice every day, ALL DAY!”

She stays inspired to dance by setting goals to “…be on pointe, and being inspired by dance movies”

Mia strives to be a performer like in “The Nutcracker”.

Miss Mia loves to perform in front of the audience in the lights and the makeup.

Mia’s favorite Quote: “Never give up!”


What class and teacher inspires you the most at Dance Gallery Chicago?

Miss Marylee shows us pictures of famous dancers that make me want to go everywhere!”

Mia also states that all of her teachers’ comments at Dance Gallery give her confidence!


Mia was chosen as this month’s Featured Dancer because of her confidence, focus, attention to detail and drive in the studio setting. 

We see and appreciate your talents, Mia! Thank you for sharing your love of dance with Dance Gallery Chicago!

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