*Meet our Featured Dancer*

This month Dance Gallery decided to do something a bit different. We are featuring someone a bit unexpected, a bit comical, but a dancer with a huge heart, and real devotion to Dance Gallery Chicago.  Congratulations to DANCING DADDY: Matt!! At the studio, we know him as the fun-loving father of Hannah, Riley and Allison C., but Matt has actually been performing in our shows for 10+ years! Longer than a few of his daughters have! This Year’s upcoming recital on June 1st, marks his 6th recital with Dance Gallery over the years! Each ‘show-year’ Matt signs up for our infamous “Dancing Daddies” piece, choreographed and organized by the one-and-only Miss Marylee. She gets together with our dancing daddies each Friday night and takes on the huge task of getting 20+ dads to dance together- learn a long choreographed piece- stay on rhythm- AND look good! … and they may have a bit of fun doing it. Every season this dance is such a show-stopper. […]